GAM offers a wide range of lifting equipment, energy equipment, handling equipment and earthmoving equipment, etc. for all areas of activity including the industrial sector, energy sector and environmental sector, maintenance, infrastructure, airport handling, port operations, forest and beach clearing, event production, etc

Simplify your equipment hiring process by using a single supplier

Over 16,000 pieces of equipment available.

Every client and every project is important to us. We provide solutions to large and small businesses whatever their activity and whatever the scale of their project. From a platform to repair a roof to a fleet of heavy machinery to build a dam in the Amazon, contact us for a consultation.

Onsite technical assistance
We have almost 100 stationary workshops and more than 300 mobile workshops to provide onsite technical assistance. We adapt to the needs of our clients offering the option to contract 24 hour support and a permanent mechanical service in their facilities.

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