Company History

Company History

GAM is a Spanish company that was founded in 2003. As a result of a defined expansion strategy and the acquisition of various leading companies in the rental sector, GAM has continued to grow while expanding its international presence.

The company currently operates in 10 countries across 4 continents and is the leading machinery rental company in Spain and Portugal, and the only company in its sector to be listed on the Spanish stock market.

  • Ordinary people doing extraordinary things
  • Company History 2003

    2003: Founding of General de Alquiler de Maquinaria, S.A.

  • Company History 2004-2005

    2004-2005: Process of company acquisitions and market positioning.

  • Hiring solutions
  • Company History 2006


    • Creation of new lines of sector-specific rental equipment for: industry, energy, waterways and ports, green spaces, events.
    • Initial public offering on the Madrid stock market under the symbol GALQ. The only company in its sector to be listed on the Spanish stock market.
  • Crossing borders
  • Company History 2007

    2007: International expansion begins with openings in Romania, Bulgaria and Poland.

  • Company History 2008

    2008: Beginning of activity in Latin America: opening of the Mexico City branch.

  • Company History 2009

    2009: Growth in international presence. Branches in Panama, Peru, Brazil and Saudita Arabia.

  • Company History 2010

    2010: GAM extends its operations to Chile and Colombia and opens its first branch in Morocco.

  • Company History 2011


    • The company’s international model is consolidated with almost one hundred branches in 13 countries.
    • The company enters the Top 15 Global Players according to International Rental News.
  • A world of machinery
  • Company History 2012

    2012: Repositioning of the brand as “GAM, a world of machinery”, while the range of products and services is expanded to the rental, purchase and sale of new and used machinery, maintenance, parts sales, transport and logistics, insurance and training

  • Company History 2013


    • Beginning of activity in Dominican Republic.
    • Opening of first retail stores in Spain: Oviedo (Asturias) y Pedreguer (Alicante).
    • Crosland is integrated into GAM Peru, making it possible for the company to take on projects of greater magnitude.
    • The company celebrates its 10th year during the month of November and publishes its first book: “El peligro del éxito… y sobrevivirlo” (The danger of success… and surviving it), published by Ed. Nobel.
  • Company History 2014

    2014: Opening of new branches in Peru and Chile