GAM brings manufacturers and dealers together in a 'Partners Day' event to strengthen the sales and distribution business.

  • The company is currently an official distributor for Magni, Hyster, Tennant and Logitrans, with a sales network of 50 of its own offices and more than 20 dealers.
  • The recent agreements with three other manufacturers were also announced during the event: Bravi, Oil & Steel and Valla.

Asturias, 11 and 12 June. The Asturias multinational brought together almost 150 people in its facilities among manufacturers, GAM representatives and Hyster dealers, in two days of exchange with a busy schedule of presentations and product presentations, in which there was also leisure time to enjoy the Asturias gastronomy and landscape.

The main day included different presentations in the GAM Eventos multipurpose space and machinery exposition area, where manufacturers had the opportunity to see demonstrations and test the equipment.

During the welcome dinner on the previous day, Pedro Luis Fernández, Chairman of GAM, began the conference with these words: “This is a crucial time in which continuing to do business as usual is not an option. That's why we are working to grow as a service company that provides real value to customers, with a future project based on a collaborative model.”

With this type of event, GAM demonstrates its commitment to development as a service company and provider of comprehensive solutions for customers, thereby extending its collaboration with manufacturing and dealer partners.

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HYSTER. Robert O’Donoghue, Solutions Manager

MAGNI. Thomas Krol, Eastern Europe Area Manager

BRAVI. Soleida Ruvolo, Area Manager, and Bravi Pierino, Company Founder.

OIL&STEEL. Giuseppe Guizzardi, Post-sales Manager.

VALLA. Riccardo Vanini, Sales Area Manager

GAM. Rosa Naranjo, Training Manager, Jose Antonio Aguado, Energy Manager and Luis Turiel, Contract Manager.

TENNANT. David Pomar, Distribution Manager for Spain and Portugal

DLL. Maria Jesús Morales, from Hyster Financial Services in Spain.

LOGITRANS. Jorge da Costa, Sales Manager

PRAMAC. Angel Cruz, sales manager and Raúl García, sales manager

Driver: Angel Iglesias, Product Manager of Hyster at GAM Close: Pedro Luis Fernández, President of GAM


GAM is a Spanish multinational company that specialises in services related to machinery. It offers a comprehensive rental service and turnkey projects for any lifting, handling, industry and energy needs, complemented by related services such as maintenance, training and sales.

It also has business lines specialising in drone engineering, modular structures, machinery distribution and event production.

The company currently has a presence in ten countries, with more than 1,000 workers, 600 specialised technicians, 75 offices, 300 mobile workshops, a park of 16,000 machines and €330 million worth of equipment.